Thursday, March 08, 2012

Peak Oil Jacket 002

Julio and I have finished the second protoype of the Peak Oil Jacket, refining the findings in 001.
This one uses a lighter treated canvas outer, still lined with ventile, a sleaker design better fitted for active wear, more face shielding in the hood, adjusted pockets now using RiRi aqua zips, and all closed up with a 2 way aqua zip protected by a double placket fastened by studs. This version is lighter, axtra weather proof, and a better fit.

I can't wait to test this one in August, up on the main range of the NSW Snowies. In fact, I reckon it'll be tough enough to use in an approach up Mount Townsend from the West, where I'm expecting a rough, rarely if ever attempted climb, carrying skis through forest, thick scrub and alpine grass, before reaching the snowline for a sunset ski return overlooking the valleys of the Murray. I better get started on the pants, gloves, woolens and featherdown jacket, so to be gear-ready for it!

As soon as I have the pattern graded (sizes small, medium and large), I'll get it up as an open source design and offer supply of materials raw or cut, or a complete jacket made to order.

Tracking nicely for a launch in July, August.

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