Saturday, February 18, 2012

Peak Oil Jacket

Prototype 001

These past few months, I've been designing a jacket, working with Julio Valdes in Sydney to develop a pattern, and get a prototype made up, ready for on-demand making. Here's photos of prototype 001. Its made of black oilskin, lined with ventile, and then kangaroo leather on the hood brim and cuffs. There are a few things not shown, such as the RiRi and splash resistant zippers I plan to use, as well as the flaps with press studs to shield the main body zipper.

Julio Valdes

Once I get the design, pattern and materials right, I plan to sell the jacket, made to order, in a variety of materials, from all Kanga leather, to recycled canvas. Although this particular version is pretty heavy weight, it is designed for outdoor activity like skiing. For those who are more worried about weight than they are about durability, there will be a light weight version made from single layer ventile.


I'm working on pants, bib and brace over alls, shirts, feather down jackets and wool mid layer jackets. The designs will be open source and simplified to support DIY makers. The materials are natural, and the cuts for active wear. I hope to start marketing the first jacket by the end of the year, after I've finished fully testing the designs and materials in the field, through an Australian winter scrub.

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