Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Maarten De Laat - networked learning

eLearning Reviews: Networked Learning
Interesting to see a formal researcher talking about networked learning at the same time we were running Future of Learning in a Networked World in New Zealand, especially along similar lines as Downes' Groups vs Networks talk at Auckland on that tour. But as usual, I'm surprised our informal group's work has been missed or ignored by the formal researchers.

Chapter 8 contains a synthesis study that looks at the processes and procedures involved in joint networked learning. The results of De Laat's case studies frequently concur with the literature he quotes. Finally, chapter 9 sets out these results and lists the implications for the PKN. De Laat's thesis ends with a description of a community-driven approach to networked learning, with a consideration of both individual and collective learning processes and results. He lists a number of guidelines for a more community-driven approach to networked learning and leads for further research.

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