Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opening up Science. ABC Radio National

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At last! A large and well resourced media outlet has produced a radio documentary about the Open Science, or Open Academic movement. Opening up Science by ABC Radio National's Future Tense back in February 2010, does a good job explaining where our closed practices came from, why they're inappropriate now, and what's going on to change things and why. It interviews articulate voices who convey the principles and critique things like commercial secrecy.

While it does ask if there is really any evidence that open practices will solve the problems it says it will, unfortunately it didn't delve into questioning the deeper motives of movement, or the possible consequences, and surely we know that all change campaigns generate unintended consequences that can be retrospectively seen as negative to the initial principles or related ethics. Openness as a new kind of cultural domination, or neo colonialism for example, promoting a further homogeniety of thought rather than a diversity - most obviously in language and linguistic bias, or the very idea of 'science', or the constructivism that underlies that.

Admittedly there aren't many people asking these questions that I'm aware of.

MP3, 29 minutes. 13 Meg.


Dan Gezelter
Assoc Prof of Chemistry at Notre Dame University & Director of the 'Open Science Project'.
Julian Cribb
Science Communicator & Co-author of the book 'Open Science'
Dr Andy Farke
Project Head, The 'Open Dinosaur Project'
Dr Michael Nielsen
Author, 'The Future of Science' (forthcoming).

Further Information


Title: Open Science - sharing knowledge in the global century
Author: Julian Cribb & Tjempaka Sari
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing


Track title: 'She Blinded Me With Science'
Artist: Thomas Dolby
Track title: 'The Dinosaurs Song'
Composer: Directed by Bernard Derriman


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