Monday, February 07, 2011

Recent Changes Camp take 2

We hosted another Recent Changes Camp at the University of Canberra on 28 January, this time for the full 3 days.

Wikimedia Australia sponsored Mark Dilley's flights in to facilitate the session and report our RCC back to the US. They also sponsored the flights of several others, to the worth of $5000. UCNISS catered the 3 days, and AboutUS covered Mark's work load while he was away.

22 people attended, and we covered quite a range of topics:

  1. Discussion About Open Space
  2. WikiCulture
  3. Wikis for education
  4. Printing books out of wikis
  5. All about Appropedia
  6. When will wikis supersede traditional Word Processing?
  7. Wikisource
  8. Wikis for fun
  9. What key facilitation capacities help create successful wikis?
  10. Let's reverse-brainstorm: Why wikis don't work
  11. The future of the Vocational Education and Training sector
  12. Open Educational Resources
  13. All about Wikitravel
  14. Wikiversity for postgraduate education
  15. Wikimedia Australia session
  16. The Bruce Declaration
  17. Going forward: Future wiki conferences

The thing that struck me this time, is what a difference 3 days makes as apposed to 1, and when the participants all have experience (as diverse as that was) with wikis and collaborating online.

RCC2011 is being archived here, where you'll find photos, videos, and notes for the sessions.

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