Friday, February 11, 2011

Joseph Beuys
Some time ago, Brent Simpson urged me to read up on Joseph Beuys.

Its taken too long to get to it (too distracted by the prolific outputs to be discovered in Illich!) But I finally found my way to a documentary on Youtube about the life and work of Beuys.

Beuys' conceptualisation of art, and of education is certainly the alley I want to go down. Serious, spiritual, humanistic, metaphoric, controversial, universal. He set up the Free International University for a start... which is a framework and legacy that I hope Roberto Greco, Dougald Hine, Joss Winn and Richard Hall (The UK Connection) will consider aligning with.

Beuys breaks a path I can follow with this "OpenPhD" too, where I aim to develop an output for the requirements of a Creative PhD, namely a 20 thousand word thesis and an artistic exhibition.

Youtube user AccountOfTheSun has done a great job uploading the video documentary of Beuys, and I've collected it into my own playlist below.

Hopefully Dougald Hine is working on an event to introduce the work of Beuys to educational audiences via someone he knows is knowledgable.

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