Monday, January 03, 2011

Networked learning explanation made easy by Dave Cormier

Dave Cormier and Neal Gillis have posted a neat video called Success in a MOOC. It explains networked learning succinctly, all be it in a "Massive Open Online Course" (MOOC). It is a third installment to the three part video series introduced on Dave's blog:

  1. What is a MOOC?
  2. Knowledge in a MOOC
  3. Success in a MOOC

These videos would have been really handy to have around back when we were trying open networked learning courses at Otago Polytechnic. Sarah Stewart now facilitates the Facilitating Online course for example (copy also on Wikiversity), so I'm sure she'll appreciate having them to help explain networked learning to new comers.

Unfortunately, I could only find these videos on Youtube, so I installed the Youtube downloader, used SuperC to transcode them to OGG Theora (note: loading to does this server side if installing software is a hassle), and loaded copies to Wikimedia Commons. The video is now embedded on the Wikipedia entry for Networked Learning. I'd sure appreciate anyone who knows more about MOOCs to add academic references to the new section, perhaps even start the MOOC entry.


Steven said...

Very clear, thanks

dave cormier said...

ack. Forgot to post links to the downloads. thanks for reminding me.

Leigh Blackall said...

No worries.. you no doubt have your own ways, but I find is a great 1 stop. You can push a copy from Blip to Youtube, as well as - where you get the ogg file to load to Wikimedia Commons. That way you have all bases covered. Downloadable in all formats, backed up across platforms, spread on popular channels.

Leigh Blackall said...

I've updated this post with the link to the 3rd video - Knowledge in a MOOC, and a link to your post Dave. Currently I'm downloading it, and will process it to Wikimedia Commons along with the others. I know it is currently getting sub titled ready for translation, lead by Barbara Dieu. Great video series. Well done.