Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Agitprop and The 2837 University

Roberto Greco used Twitter to alert me to The 2837 University, a 5 week participatory project that seeks to document learning spaces in a neighborhood, and see if they can't collectively reinvent a local university based on historical ideals, and in critical resistance to the corporate university of today.
The 2837 University will be broken down into two parts: The first several meetings will focus on examining what and why we are looking at these spaces (see ‘Conceptual Framework’ below). The second part will ask participants to enter the neighborhood and document the spaces in question through the use of video, photos, interviews, drawings, paintings, etc, etc.

The goal of this course is to act as a participatory feasibility study in order to determine if Agitprop should expand its interests into the field of education and to see if a “university” could be pieced together from preexisting spaces that lend themselves to the construction of some form of knowledge.
I wish I could be in San Diego for this event, but can only hope they'll document it all. In fact, it would be great to internationalise this project, by streaming (or simply Youtubing) their seminars, and put links out to their readings and conversations, so others can follow the critical thought, and apply it in their own neighborhoods, and document the learning spaces they find.
The Agitprop space is a place in North Park (San Diego) that attempts to blur the lines between individual art practice, the Studio, the Gallery and the Neighborhood. These attempts have taken the form of exhibitions, literary readings, live art critiques, collaborations with larger institutions and other neighborhood entities.

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