Thursday, December 09, 2010

Uni of Canberra to host another RCC Wiki Conference

The University of Canberra will host another RCC Wiki Conference 28-30 January, 2011.

UCNISS PhD candidate Laura Hale is the driving force behind the University of Canberra RCC Wiki conferences. We hosted a one dayer in August. It was such a success, we're emboldened to host a full 3 day event.

The event is free and catered, and basic accommodation can be arranged if needed. Register on the site, or send me an email and I'll register for you.

Here's what we recorded from the last RCC in Canberra. See you there!

  • Yesterday was a great event - the dialogue was thought provoking, interesting and inspiring. I'm looking forward to sharing it with my colleagues and the documentation from everyone really helps with that. Kirsty Sharp. Resource Development Manager Tasmanian Polytechnic
  • It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. I'd like to see the VET, University, not-for-profit and other sectors do this sort of thing more often. There's so much to learn with and from each other. And of course, the unconference context means that we leave our occupational/professional hats at the door and collaborate, argue and opine freely and openly. A great learning environment and a worthwhile day. Thanks Leigh for organising it. Rose Grozdanic, Australian Flexible Learning Framework
  • A tremendously edifying experience. It's a pity it wasn't a two day event. I especially enjoyed the 'real world' tales of planning and integration that the unconference participants brought with them and shared with the rest of us. The event re-shaped my thinking about open content and its place in formal education Peter Shanks, Skills Tasmania
  • The day captured such wide-ranging discussion from so many viewpoints. Very refreshing! Great to see so many newcomers not only to the format but to the discussion of wikis. I'd love to see more events of this kind permeate the often 'dry' walls of our educational sites... Why not a student based forum of this kind too? Marg O'Connell, Canberra Institute of Technology
  • Having people from the community come to the University of Canberra is a very good thing. In many ways, here at this University, we're developing a key group of people who are very innovative in their approach to teaching and open education, and I think on a National scale we're really starting to lead the pack in regards to some of the approaches to teaching... a real kick start for UC becoming a leader in this area. Well done... Michael de Percy. Lecturer in Government-Business Relations, UC
  • As newcomers to the Wiki sphere, we found the unconference very helpful and informative - it was fantastic to talk with people using this platform in their work and opened our eyes to the current and future possibilities of Wiki. It's great to see Wikis being used as educational tools for social and collaborative learning in universities. We hope one day they will be as prolific in the health sector. Thank you very much for hosting such a valuable workshop. Christine Vuletich and Alice Winter-Irving, Cancer Council Australia
  • A great opportunity to meet all of those wiki people and to understand some of the challenges that they're facing. A lot of the people here are from the educational realm, and a lot of their challenges are the same challenges they we're facing at Wikimedia Projects... its been a really great experience. Andrew Garrett, Wikimedia Foundation

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