Thursday, October 07, 2010

Student as Producer: A Pedgogy for the Avant-Garde

Sorry to steal the punch line, the 9 page paper is well worth the read:
So in answer to the question ‘How do revolutionary teachers teach?’ The response must be through interruption and astonishment, experiments with history, deconstructing the capitalist labour process by reconnecting intellectual and manual labour, and by creating Zones of Proximal Development. In other words, not teaching - so that we all might learn.

Student as Producer: A Pedagogy for the Avant-Garde; or, how do revolutionary teachers teach? by Mike Neary Centre for Educational Research and Development,University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool,
I would go so far as to say, Teaching is Dead, Long Live Learning...


blamb said...

There's a reason we dig you, Leigh.

Neary seems like a force.

Michael said...

Ah, I remember that conference, it was right before the TALO Swap/meet. What a week!

Stanley Frielick said...

You will probably enjoy Ron Burnett on the 'Radical Impossibility of Teaching' (if you haven't come across it yet)