Friday, October 22, 2010

Some recognition from Otago Polytechnic

As I'm sure many in the network know, it is very rare to get recognition for work in open education from the likes of bosses and former bosses. It is much more common for them to take all credit for other's innovation, but not for Phil Ker, CEO of Otago Polytechnic and my old boss.

I left Otago on not-so-happy terms in 2009, with a sense of a lot still not done or even appreciated. So it came as a pretty nice surprise when a few colleagues at Otago messaged me during Phil Ker's talk at the Open Education Foundation's web conference for Open Access Week, to tell me that he was heaping a fair bit of recognition my way.

Phil's remarks about me come in at about 13 minutes, but it is well worth listening to the whole recording if you'd like to hear the frank and open reflections of a principled Chief Executive talking about initiatives, mistakes and strategies for Otago's attempts to embed open educational practices.

It sounds as if they still have a very long way to go, but its encouraging to hear initiatives being talked about at the senior executive level at least.

Thanks Phil, good luck Otago Poly


Catriona E. Timms-Dean said...

Kia ora Leigh, You have certainly left a legacy here at OP and the work we are doing now in terms of development projects in many ways is thanks to the work you did here. Sometimes people like you, who push the boudaries, feel like they don't make an impact because there is so much more they want to achieve. Rest assured OP is still walking in your footsteps, even though we may be some way behind.
Arohanui ki to whanau - love to you, Sunshine and wee Eve.
Na Kate :)

Leigh Blackall said...

Tēnā koe Kate! Your message puts this very much in perspective. Your tireless work promoting Maori language, cultural appreciation and historical understanding for Ngāi Tahu is just as difficult yet so much more important. Thanks for commenting, and for your kind words. Love to you and Conway and all the kids! Ka kite anō

Dr. Nellie Deutsch said...

That's great news, Leigh. You have influenced many of us with your flexible and open online learning facilitation ideas. You deserve a great deal of recognition and lots of credit. I hope others will do the same for those like you who are doing more than their share but who often find their ideas and work credited by someone else.

Thank you.

Leigh Blackall said...

I wonder why we don't out them for each other? The integrity the ideas, the work, the future opportunities are at stake - when they are co opted by people without the necessary experience, changing the direction with meaningless rhetoric and real politik

Robert van Aalst said...

Congrats - it is nice to get recognition of work you have udnertaken that you think/believe has been worthwhile.