Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our war in Afghanistan

Last week, the Australian Parliament debated our combat operations in Afghanistan. This is the first parliamentary debate had on Australia's military involvement in Afghanistan. This week, the Australian Senate will debate the same issue.

Sadly very little substance has been brought into the debate, with all but 2 people so far towing an implausible, an unacceptable rationale for the occupation. The so-called Gov 2.0 crowd are quiet as mice on this very important debate, and commentary so far seems sporadic. The mainstream media is as useless as ever, but I did manage to find Syd Walker, a blogger giving what I think to be very good commentary on the debate and surrounding issues.

Syd points to this speech given in Detroit a few months ago, by David ray Griffin, questioning the reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan. I'd like to echo Syd's call to our politicians to at least sit through David's speech before they use up this valuable opportunity for open debate at last!

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Syd Walker said...

Thanks for the mention Leigh!

I've done a couple of follow-ups of the Kevin Bracken story, including this today: Bracken on firm ground

The other video I know about that I think is exceptionally powerful on the 9-11 / Afghanistan connection is this 'Challenge to the Peace Movement' by Graeme MacQueen: