Monday, April 12, 2010

Australian backcountry skiing

Sunshine, Eve and I took a drive up to Guthega on the weekend, to scope out a ski trip for when the snow falls. Inspired!

Lots of people scoff at the idea of Australian skiing. Personally I like it more than anywhere.

Wikipedia has a great article on skiing in Australia, and check out my little map with videos:

View Australian Back Country Skiing in a larger map


rlubensky said...

Nice! I just threw together our new Marouka Lodge website (Mt Hotham). See if you can find the fine little video there :-)

Gearing up. Running hard.

Leigh Blackall said...

G'day Ron, what a pleasant drop in from you. Nice site for the lodge, easy to follow, has all the elements of a site that "gets it" - even a CC license! And then I checked you out to find we have lots of other things in common besides snow! Subscribed - connected.

Needless to say the Marouka lodge is on my map with the video on the marker. Will drop in this season too.. do you have any good back country vids/locations/advice for Hotham? Just day trips. Perhaps we could head out - talk about Deliberations and all it touches. That's be cool.. think-ski!

Wayne Goldsmith said...


Don't overlook some of the cross country challenges near Canberra. Check out the climb from Corin Damto Stockyard Spur, then to the Mt Franklin road on the Brindabella's high plains.

You can drive across the dam, walk up a tough 6 kms of beautiful native forest into snow, put on the skis, go cross country all day without any crowds and then walk back down at the end of the day.

The best kept cross country secret in Canberra and possibly the world.