Sunday, March 07, 2010

US$500 Million to OER for the next 10 years!

This strikes me as potentially pretty huge news for open educational developers in the United States.
The [US] Department of Education has a role in stimulating the development and use of OER in ways that address pressing education issues. The federal government has proposed to invest $50 million per year for the next 10 years in creating an Online Skills Lab to develop exemplary next-generation instructional tools and resources for community colleges and workforce development programs. These materials will be available for use or adaptation with the least restrictive Creative Commons license. This work is expected to give further impetus to calls for open standards, system utilities, and competency-based assessments. (For more information on the Online Skills Lab, see the Learning section of this plan.)
50 Million per year! That's a potentially massive step up in pace for the USA, and a huge incentive to publishers and producers to get with it. David Wiley and co will now have their work cut out for them watching the progress and calling out the BS, wheel reinventions, double handling and corruption. A very important job it will be too, because this puts the USA way out in front for setting the International OER agenda.

Source: Creative Commons Blog

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