Tuesday, March 09, 2010

More deschooling for conviviality and equity

Graham Attwell has found a copy of a 1971 New York Review of Books article written by Ivan Illich, entitled ‘A Special supplement: Education without School: How it Can Be Done‘. Graham recognises the direct relevance to educational work in the Internet, and does a good job summarising the article.

I tried to leave a comment on Graham's Wordpress, but as happens on so many Wordpress blogs - due to their struggle to manage spam, my comment was lost. I should have paused, copied, and posted on my own blog anyway.

All I was trying to comment was to point Graham into what I have on Illich to date. Instead, I've gone through my memory and created this delicious tag stream below:

I hope someday, a furious and passionate discussion will take place around the writing of Illich again. I've been waiting a while, still looking for it. At the very least I hope his writing may become part of EdTech and Open Education's common dialogue and shared experience. We'll see...


stevenparker said...

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stevenparker said...

I think interest in Illich will correspondingly ramp up as the social economic and environmental issues we've discussed (.ppt slide 8) actually kick in impacting people's lives.

In relation to organisation's check this out
What will shape the future of education? A - Alot of future shock.

Winslow said...

You might want to add this startling essay to your reading list about Illich on education:

"The Educational enterprise in the Light of the Gospel"

Available here:


Leigh Blackall said...

OUTSTANDING! Thanks Winslow. I especially like Illich when he relates back to his religious origins.