Monday, March 08, 2010

Going Naked - Openism and Freedom in Academia

On Friday, James Neill presented Going Naked - Openism and Freedom in Academia to a small group at the University of Canberra. The talk and responses were broadcast via uStream, but the host for the session appears to have forgotten to click record. Luckily James took notes on the Wikiversity page.

Interest in open education and research practices seems to be growing at the University, particularly it seems within the Faculty of Health (the largest number of people at the session).

Jame's talk set down a case for staff at UC adopting open educational practices.

  • Questioning the assertion that there is an altogether trend towards openness
  • Concerns of commercial exploitation of openness
  • What is the relavence of a University in the face of openness?
  • Why does the university not engage staff in the review of policy?
  • How much does the use of restricted content cost UC each year?

  • The Teaching and Learning Centre to find out the annual fees paid to CAL, and if possible - a break down of that fee.
  • The Teaching and Learning Centre to find out why only external agencies review UC policy, what agency reviewed UC's IP policy, and what their review was.
  • Leigh and James to run Workshops on how to source free content and reuse it in a free way
  • Leigh and James to propose the Faculty of Health lead the university and adopt a default open education and research position.

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