Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UC Hothouse - plans for Sport Studies

Keane, Jason, Sandy, Disa, John and I met today to discuss a rough project plan for the Hothouse project we won funding for recently - a 12 week schedule to develop skills and understanding of online communication tools to support the unit Sport Research and Practice - encapsulated within a program called The Australian Sporting Industry, in which a group of people from the USA come to Australia and tour sport facilities and the like, attending seminars and meetings and getting to know the sport system in Australia. Same for a group of Australians going to the USA.

So our meeting was to discuss what we will do in the Hothouse on a weekly basis to prepare for this exchange. We all agreed it should be something online - to prepare for and support the exchange program.

We have 12 weeks in the Hothouse project, and we listed off 6 things we would like to look at in the project:

  1. The use of Youtube to make introductions and set assignments
  2. The development of a web page for the program
  3. Photo sharing, presentations, and slide shows
  4. Making academic content multi media (for example, an assignment described on Youtube, linked to a slide presentation, linked to a text document)
  5. Student diaries as blogs
  6. Using laptops and wireless Internet in Australia and the USA

Devices we discussed researching and possibly purchasing with the project budget:
  • Hard drive video camera
  • Wireless lapel microphone
  • Smart phone
  • Laptop with USB wireless key

Our available weekly meeting time to look at these things and more is Mondays 1-3pm. Probably we will align our agenda with other Hothouse project interests, and host seminars on these topics at this time.

This Friday, I will attend the Hothouse project meeting, representing the Sport Studies team. Here are the slides intended for the 5 minute talk I am to give in that meeting:

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