Thursday, February 04, 2010

Presentation on Open PhD

I've been asked to stand in for someone at UC to give a talk of connecting, sharing and developing in the PhD process. Who am I to advise people engaged in the PhD process!? I am only starting that track myself, but I think some people will find my initial ideas about and open PhD process of interest, so I'll talk about that. Here's the slides, hastely put together in a very distracted morning (I'll add them to Slideshare later):


starpath said...

"Who am I to advise people engaged in the PhD process!?" You are an educator, facilitator, creator and share extensively, so why not? Your contributions are welcomed and appriciated.

Leigh Blackall said...

Thanks Starpath :) btw, have added a link to the audio recording if you were interested. Is only 10 minutes.

starpath said...

I mean "appreciated" (sp)!. Audio (ex. quality), adds so much more depth to the slide presentation. Discussion around the open PhD is new to me and as a PhD candidate, relevant and interesting, so I will be following your journey.