Friday, February 19, 2010

Free vs paywall learning

Check out this info graphic, ts a beauty.. click to see bigger

Now, one for free learning vs paywall learning:

If you are into free learning - this is what you get
  1. Google search
  2. Start learning

If you are into paywall learning - this is what you get

  1. Google search barely found the institution you thought would offer the course you're thinking to take
  2. Navigate the website of the found institution, never to find how much it actually costs
  3. Think you found the course you want
  4. Call the institution to find out how to enroll
  5. Get sent a form that asks your sex, race, religion, ethnicity, age, educational status, address, phone number, mothers maiden name etc
  6. Get sent an invoice
  7. Get sent some marketing survey
  8. Get given an email account with a crappy password system, and even worse features, and told your teachers will only communicate with you on that email account
  9. Get sent an info package with everything but useful information
  10. Get told to buy 5 expensive text books, and that the library is no use because all the content is online behind a paywall website
  11. Try to login to that paywall website only to find out the password you were sent doesn't work
  12. Call helpdesk (only open between 9 and 5pm), and get told the server was down for the weekend and to please try again in a few hours when they think the problem will have been fixed
  13. Finally get in to the paywall website revealing some pretty crap content from the POV of one pretty mediocre teacher, who barely knows how to use the Internet, let alone the paywall website itself... you have to sign into this each day.
  14. Do a Google search for one of the assignments you have to do, only to find close to the same course is freely available as open education.. finally you ask why!
  15. Get a grade with feedback you don't understand, and finally a feedback survey that can only be filled in with pen and you have to send it back by mail yourself!
  16. Get a reminder invoice for the fee, plus interest.


Chris Harvey said...

haha, nice one.

Some screenshots of forms and stuff like the original would kick ass.

Mark Smithers said...

Love it. I saw that graphic this week as well. You've used it well.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Leigh

Been reading your info for a few years now. Congrats on the baby.

I'm an outtie - I'm in my mid 40's and left the corporate world for a few years ago.

Wanted to explore - I did the math - and realized after paying 100K+ for an MBA. I'd be qualified for the same job I just quit.

Wound up working at a university as an edtech. As someone with a lowly tech school diploma from 20 years ago. There was definitely a sense of whether I was "qualified" to do the job without "a masters degree" I was able to support every application and operating system they had - glue printers together and run circles around just about everyone. The few who did know their stuff appreciated my skills.

Being used to glass ceilings, the boys club and the like - it didn't phase me.

I'm glad I had that experience - I'm glad I got them to pay me and not the other way around!

Miss the community - but that is available elsewhere as well.

Who needs it?