Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Vote for free Internet in Australia

The National Broadband Network is meeting tomorrow. Help me get free (as in non user pay) Internet on their agenda. Vote for the free Internet suggestions.

"Access to free wireless broadband, incl comodity Internet, coupled with wide scale adoption of open educational practices from schools, techs and universities will help nuture a culture of inquirey and informal learning that will lead to formal edu."

"Free wireless broadband, incl comodity Internet, made available from all community hubs like bus shelters, libraries, halls and pubs. A nation wide drive to get all Australian towns on Wikipedia, linked to local newspapers with social media basis."

Free wireless broadband, incl comodity Internet, signon + timed. Paid 4 by tourism, arts, libraries, archives, edu, transport.. (ie: not user pay). 52% without broadband + clear rich/poor access&literacy issues prooves user pay market ideas failed."

"Incentives and rewards for health professionals to contribute to a national health wiki, providing a central and reliable source for Austrtalian health issues. Note: It must compliment popular media like Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers"

More information about free Internet

What I wrote on Wordpress about the importance of free Internet in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Hope you will give the notion your vote, and at least see it discussed properly.

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Minhaaj said...

Specially after a wonderful step by Finland striving to make internet a basic human right by 2015, this human right should be expanded to everyone on earth.