Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Progressing staff social media presence

So far my proposal to UCNISS staff has received encouraging responses. What has impresses me is an intuitive understanding in the people I'm meeting, of the reasons and likely benefits of using social media. There is a willingness to engage and try things out, something I have not seen in the 5 years I've been helping tertiary teachers.

So what's different?

  • Perhaps higher education has a more accepting culture than vocational education? This is the first time I've worked in a Faculty of a university, with researchers and teachers. Up until now it has been almost exclusively vocational teachers in TAFE and Polytechnics
  • The boss gets it. This is the first time I have worked in a team where boss is a passionate user of social media himself, and who goes out of his way to introduce me to his colleagues, heaping praise and expectation :)
  • Maybe its time? Social media has had long enough time to bed down in this section of Australian society..
So far we have 6 staff using various accounts, and 2 more making tentative inquiries. I am playing a relatively passive approach, waiting for people to make contact with me, and responding to their levels of inquiry. This approach seems to be working so far.

Robin McConnell


  1. Add a profile image to Blogger and Slideshare
  2. Offer to change to a new template
  3. Consider activities to prompt quick and regular updates to the blog (perhaps Q and A)
Keane Wheeler


  1. Show how to use Delicious to update his links page on blog
  2. Presence is starting to look established, start looking at networking actions
  3. Ask for a post reflecting on my plan
Ben Rattray


  1. Suggest a navigation on blog that points to full presence. Pages that contain auto updating content from each area
  2. Encourage local networking - think of a posting a post that invites comment ("what do you think I should add to my blog?")
  3. Ask for a post reflecting on my plan
Wayne Goldsmith


  1. Suggest a thumbnail view of Slideshare in sidebar
  2. Profile image on Twitter
  3. More blog posts
  4. Invite comment, make comment. Be present.
Keith Lyons

  1. Add links to Twitter and Slideshare profiles
Jason Worthington-Smith
  1. Set up a Youtube account and create playlists
  2. Set up a Slideshare account and favourite presentations
  3. Leave comments on colleague blogs


Sarah Stewart said...

Just a quick note to say I'm watching your progress and keen to pick up on any tips you have around engaging staff with social media. cheers Sarah

Helen said...

I think that's a very unfair comment Leigh. Lots of us were willing to engage and try things out - and friends and colleagues of mine from Universities thought what we were doing was outrageous. Jeez!