Friday, December 11, 2009

Deschooling playlist

Using embedr to bring together a video playlist on Deschooling. Teemu Leinonen has a great idea for how this sort of multi channel playlist would be a powerful tool for education. My colleague Wayne Goldsmith pointed me to embedr, and in the context of what Teemu calls for, I realise how significant such a tool could be - if only it allowed for offline viewing...

Up until now, I have made use of playlist features within the one channel, such as my Youtube playlist.. but of course it doesn't pick up videos from other platforms. A multi media playlist would be perfect. One where a video is followed by a slideshare, is followed by a PDF reading.. all with the ability to backchannel responses through comments, twitter, blogger etc. The closest thing to a multi channel multi media playlist I can think of is Delicious.. but its a far cry still from the offline playlist that Teemu points to.

Anyway, here's my multi channel video playlist on Deschooling so far:

If you know of other videos that relate to the notion of Deschooling, please let me know and I'll add it to the playlist


Mike Bogle said...

That's a really handy tool, thanks Leigh. Especially looking forward to the video clips too. If I think of any additional ones I'll add them to the comments area here.

Hope all is well,


Anonymous said...

Have not thought about Ivan illich for years but I have been inspired by his ideas since the late 1970s. Just spent the morning trying work out how to convince people that we know things, brillant things even better than the stuff taught at schools. Serendioty to encounter this in yoru blog. Thanks

mroczekmr said...

This would be prefect for creating a playlist from home and bringing it into the classroom. Thank you!