Monday, September 28, 2009

Noel Pearson KOs the Greens

Bill Kerr maintains good commentary on Noel Pearson, a politician and spokesperson for Torres Straight Islanders and Aboriginal Australia generally. I want to thank Bill for facilitating my access to Noel's perspectives, I'm looking forward to returning home, and into these issues I feel more indebted to.

Bill's notes cover Noel's speech to the Writer's Festival in Brisbane recently, where he spoke about his views about self interest and social development, and disgust at the new environmentalism that is "offsetting the burden to those who can least bare it". While he focuses on issues in Queensland, I think we should be able to hear a voice for a big issue for global environmentalists generally.

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Anna Hughes said...

Lets not blame 'environmentalists' in general, but look at what is happening and why. Marginalisation of the poor no matter what their culture is not sustainable. Though I guess there are potentially a number of environmentalists who don't practice sustainability. Again lets not generalise and blame a stereotypical group. Instead it's worth looking at how the problem and occurred (probably focus on a single issue rather than looking at the interconnectedness of problems and seeing them holistically) and deal with that.