Monday, August 17, 2009

Other general notes from Open Ed 09

  • - A portal for open ed. User generated. User managed. Content aggregated. Built on a wiki. Use of the word Global is concerning. See OER survey.
  • BC OpenSim - Impressive use of Open Sim in education
  • BYU researching open education leading to paid enrollments.



  • Scott Leslie: Open Educator as DJ
  • - Free music
  • - Wikis


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JImbo Groomie said...

It was absolutely awesome to finally meet you, and you brought a sense of desperation, urgency, and excitement to the conference that I sucked that it had to end.

With that said, I'm worried about your movie watching inclinations these days, and a dose of Night of the Hunter should cure you :)

I'm getting Anti-Christ, and if I disappear into a dark depression I am blaming you .

Leigh Blackall said...

Ah Groomie, you'll be right mate.. I'd say you'll be disappointed though, after I've hyped it up so much.

There's something you should know about Australian-ism.. that I think you already sense and have sympathy for. There's a kind of ability to relish in a heart of darkness, a reckless disregard for what others might find disturbing. You can see it in almost all Australian movies to some extent (less so in recent times). You can certainly find it in a must read history book called Fatal Shore, where every page seems to rejoice at the horrifying events that built the country through the 18thth and 19th century. Its the same stuff that has me liking LA, and I see it in you when you recite scenes from Road Warrior. I hope you'll keep up your interest in Australian "culture" - I enjoy seeing you reflect it back.

As for Antichrist.. well you'll either love it or hate it. Either way is fine :)