Thursday, August 13, 2009

Models of open education

I spoke at the Open Education Conference 2009 Vancouver today. As usual I went in feeling a little unprepared.. but reckon I found my way through it :) Here's the notes I spoke to:

  • 4 Stories of OERP
  • 4 models of OERP
  • The Policy and support
  • Questioning and evaluating

4 stories
  • Teacher needing professional development at low risk, maximum flexibility
  • Emerging professional seeking recognition, migration and employment
  • Young school leaver needing a head start into an apprenticeship and trade
  • Self employed small business owner needing short courses on specific areas at minimal cost, maximum flexibility.

4 models

Free and open courses

Free and open instruction

Free and open content

Free and open programmes

Policy and support

Progressive copyright

  • Enables reuse
  • Gives assurances to publish

Use popular social media

  • Content outside
  • Learning inside (if necessary)
  • Digital networked literacy
  • Notions of life long learning
  • Addressing the disconnect

Evaluating this work

Creative Commons Licence

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons (Attribution) license.


Bronwyn hegarty said...

great to see you are still trying to change the world. I hope Vancouver is treating you well. The office is very quiet without you.

willie campbell said...

Leigh a real crisis of faith indeed. All such have a literature around them.

I'm curious as to your introduction as yourself as unprepared- I would think you come to such a forum very well prepared indeed.
Second Brionwyn's comments.
Go well.

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Willie, unprepared because of the set backs in properly evaluating the effectiveness of open education at Otago Polytechnic. Through a small Ako grant, I had hoped to have solid findings to present and support what I was saying. But due to various delays, not least the length of time it took to secure the little grant, I was unable to present these. Since the talk however, we have completed the first part of the study. Reports on the study can be found here.