Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ako Regional Hub funding approved

The application for funding from Ako Aoteoroa Regional Hub has been approved. It is now action stations to convene a team of researchers to help us devise an instrument with which we can measure the effectiveness of our open education work. In particular I think it will be useful to draw on the perspectives of marketing and education researchers, as well as accountants and an IT manager. My plan is to get a small group of people together and hash out an effective way to gather data on all possible fronts and use that to report on open education and hopefully compare with some closed educational models. I say hope, because I have to try and to this before early August, as I need time to write a paper on it for IRRODL and Open Education in Vancouver.

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Wayne Mackintosh said...

Congrats Leigh!

If you need any help sound boarding ideas and approaches -- I'm on board :-)


Bronwyn hegarty said...

congrats from me too! Looks like you will be fulltime on this til August.