Sunday, June 28, 2009

Students using wikis to collaborate

A colleague recently asked me for links to projects where students are using wikis to collaborate. Here's a few in the order in which they inspire me personally.

  1. Murder, Madness and Mayhem - Brian Lamb points to Jon Beasley-Murray asks his students to edit Wikipedia articles and attempt to get them to feature article status.
  2. Wikipedia's list of school and university projects - I think getting students to work out on the Wikimedia Foundation projects like Wikipedia is brave, productive, truly collaborative in an Internet sense, and wide in learning scope.
  3. A Portal to Media Literacy - Links to a video lecture by Michael Wesch talking about collaborative learning in his 1st year anthropology class
  4. Wikis in University Teaching and Learning - Video lecture by Richard Backland who uses wikis to teach at UNSW's Computer Science and Engineering

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calease said...

Not only are Wikis great for collaboration but they are also much more friendly to the environment and save us all from duplicating our work, only refining as we go. Great links. Cheers.