Friday, June 26, 2009

Required to resubmit Ako Aoteoroa Regional Hub grant

Wow, its turning into a chunk of work to try and get this 10 grand, beginning to wonder if I should pull back. The panel that reviewed the original proposal came back with the following comments and questions - asking for a resubmit. Thankfully they have scheduled another meeting Tuesday next week to consider the resubmit. So I have a few days to try and get it right, and still time to meet the deadlines if they approve it.

The Panel's comments and questions as follows:
  • Good that it builds on previous work [with Ako - the new practices video]
  • Good for taking on board feedback and aiming to do something for the sector
  • Main concern is the need to be clear about the balance of benefits to Otago Polytechnic and the wider sector. The question here is what is the relevance of this case study to the rest of the community? Who else might be in a position to offer this model?
  • What is the motivating factor for Otago Polytechnic to do this work?
  • Costs are unclear. What for example will be the project manager role? Are the external external people being paid as analyser and writer respectively? Neither of these two people are known to anyone on the panel. It was therefore not possible to determine their ability to meet project requirements. Please provide mini CVs. What will the printing and copying costs be?
  • The focus of the user guide is not clear.
  • There appears to be a mismatch between the short time frame and the project expectations. How realistic is this?
  • The detailed methodology section indicates a whole range of data to be collected and a target audience of at least 6? [??] Is it realistic to do data collection, analysis and reporting of all these areas within the time and budget proposed?

I only wish I could be present at the meeting, and respond in person rather than attempting to write this idea (that is evidently very new to the Panel) into a template set by Ako.

I agree, time is running very short, considering I hope to present this project's findings at the Open Education conference in Vancouver. At the same time I'm aiming to submit this as a paper to IRRODL. I need to decide whether to spend more time resubmitting, or to proceed with the project without the money and forgo the hiring of research and analysis expertise.

My plan for now is to proceed with the project now, with the hope that this will give me ideas on how to more clearly articulate the proposal for Ako before Tuesday. It seems to me that Ako need a solid project plan more than a proposal (if there is a difference) so proceeding with planning will be potentially treating 2 birds with one stone.

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