Monday, June 22, 2009

Redeveloping wikiversity course: Composing Educational Resouces

I've been meaning to reuse Teemu Leinonen and co's course on Wikiversity, Composing Free and Open Online Educational Resources, and rejig it for a rerun. Finally I have been able to get to that item on the to-do list.

At first I was considering editing the original course slightly - but not deviating much from the original content. I left a message on the course's discussion page, indicating my intensions.. it didn't appear as though anyone had any objections. On consideration though, I realised that I want to change the content quite a bit.

I want to move the focus away from open educational resources, and onto educational resources generally. The open access and reuse will still be a major component, in fact you could call it a given, weaving its way throughout everything.. open ed resources, is there any other way? in other words, but I also want to focus attention on the skill of searching for reusable content, managing 'libraries' of what you find, and finally how to create - or compose your own educational resources, without getting too bogged down on the intricacies of open ed.

I also want to move it more in the direction of off-line and analogue media as well, to address Internet access issues, which many people mistake as being 'developing nation' needs only.. NZ and Australia therefore are clearly developing nations then. I have some ideas on how online educational resources can be complimentary to things like community radio and news paper - including the communicative aspects of Web2.. ie talk back radio working together with podcasting..

So, I'm chipping away at this new version over on Wikieducator. Composing Educational Resources. I'm hoping to be able to offer it as an open course starting late next month... high hopes really

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