Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Final Application to Ako Aoteoroa Regional Hub for analysing our open ed work

A couple of weeks ago I submitted an application to Ako Aoteoroa's Regional Hub for a small sum of money to analyses the true costs, savings and gains of our open education developments.

Here's the application as it went to them.

I realised I forgot to post an update to my initial post about the application, so here it is.

Hopefully this one will be approved, and I can get to work looking carefully through our work. I'd like to recruit expert education researchers and accountants for this - which is where teh money comes in. But its a tight deadline if I am to prepare something of worth for IRRODL by the end of July, a presentation to the OER conference by mid August, and a user guide for Ako Aoteoroa.

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feliceM said...

Good luck chum

Anonymous said...

Leigh, wishing you well and keen to see the analysis when done.

Paul Seiler