Thursday, April 16, 2009

Smart Classrooms Professional Development Framework

GNUChris just tweeted a link to the Queensland Government's Smart Classrooms Professional Development Framework. It is a table that illustrates the expectation of teachers to progress their ICTs knowledge, practice, values and profession relationships.

Chris isn't very confident with it.. concerns seem to be around Qld being very Microsoft based, but I can't see in the Framework any prescription to use MS products. Ignoring some of the legacy language and buzz words like Smart Classrooms, the table strikes me as easy to understand with a useful and well explained range of levels.

The progression is structured as:
  1. ICT Certificate as a base level of awareness
  2. ICT Pedagogical Licence as required before using ICTs in teaching and learning
  3. ICT Pedagogical Licence Advanced for teachers who make ICT integral and who show leadership
With some one's knowledge, practice, values, and professional relationships would be like at each level.

I'm not sure if the NZ education sector has something similar - if anyone knows its probably Derek Wenmoth, but this Qld one strikes me as both easy to use and well articulated.

Might the licence and advanced licence be an assessment standard we could use with teachers here who are undergoing our Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Teaching and Learning? Or does this set the bar too high at the present, considering the extreme range of skills now and in the foreseeable future?

I also think this way of presenting expectations of competency is a potential format for other areas of professional development, such as our work towards developing a sustainable teaching practitioner.

Comments appreciated.


Chris Harvey said...

In some circles Qld is known as the microsoft state. That bothers me sometimes.

I agree about the documents, they seem really useful

Sean FitzGerald said...

Was looking for something else and came across this. Could be useful.

Sean FitzGerald said...

What?! Blogger doesn't auto-link URLs? Time to move back to! ;-)

Emma said...

FYI that version is now three years old. Revised/updated Framework to be launched online 5 May.

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Emma, thanks for the heads up.. I'll try to remember to check for it, but if you remember to comment back a link to the new version here - would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the link Sean, that will be quite handy for comparing and refining a table of our own if we go that route.

Chris, its very frustrating the Microsoft in education legacy - especially with Office 2007 providing us with a great oportunity to take up Open Office for example. Part of our problem is not so much the teachers - they actually use Office software at only a rudementury level, its the administrators with all their spreadsheets and templates.. they are so packed with Microsoft features that it makes moving to Open Office a daunting prospect. Its a poor excuse for sloppy document creation in the first place, but its real non-the-less. Someone needs to do the leg work in creating open document formated versions of some of the key spreadsheets and templates, that will do a lot more in progressing the uptake.. but who is going to do it and how? Especially if all those public documents are hidden away and inaccessible to a well meaning volunteer! hmmf so far to go still!

chris harvey said...

Thanks for the info Emma.

btw when I click on your name the link is broken,the url should be in lowercase.

Earlier I also tweeted a link to the QSA , they have some really good documents too.

Emma said...

Ha! Thanks Chris. I was entering that link from my iPhone which auto-corrects 'smart classrooms' with capitals. Btw, am now following u on Twitter (checkingboxes). Cheers.

alexanderhayes said...

I like this one from GNU via Twitter -

Lets push Google to upgrade beyond what WP seems to be going.

alexanderhayes said...

ps. what shall we do with this ? -

Are you willing to follow Sean and I into the next part of your codified adventure ?