Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Digital NZ

Once again Tasmanian Roger Stack points us to an exciting project via Twitter. Digital NZ looks set to become an awesome one stop for NZ specific content, possibly enriched by becoming socially networked. The site has all the features you would look for that indicate a switched on project.. they are using RSS and Yahoo Pipes in a smart way.. they are aggregating content from big servers like Flickr, they are developing widgets for 3rd party use and distribution.. but we really need the bigger investment. We need the local storage and serving... I just emailed them this:

Hi.. great site.. lots of potential!!

I work at Otago Polytechnic. We are producing a lot of educational content with CC By licenses. At the moment we load content to Youtube, Archive.org, Flickr, etc for networking and promotion, but it would be nice to capture this locally along the way.

We need a distributed uploader like http://www.tubemogul.com/, where we can continue to upload off shore to the biggies, but have the option to load to NZ archive or similar at the same time, for Digital NZ to access and use.

What do you think? Please give me a call to discuss - 021736539
This request relates to my post about high hopes for Telecom and NZ Archive working together to preserve NZ cultural artifacts that are presently pouring out the door into Youtube and all. For example, all Otago Polytechnic's open educational resources. Its not that we would want to stop loading content to the popular servers, we just need an easy way to cross upload to NZ Archive servers along the way. We need this for backup, and to explore possibilities in saving bandwidth costs for NZers, by using the offshore servers for offshore access, and local servers for local access.. somehow.. I think the Digital NZ project looks set to be the one to do that for us. If not for public downloads, then at least to send through to archive for now.

Digitalnz.org is the closest thing I have seen to this possibility yet. Clearly the people building the website know what they are doing, and have big dreams too.. I hope they'll go the next logical step and partner up with the National Archive, Library, KAREN or education sector, and start positioning themselves to intercept copies of NZ digital heritage on its way out to big corporations and offshore archiving initiatives.

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David Sturrock said...

I agree that it certainly does look like a great initiative Leigh. The National Library are backing it and I know the Ministry of ED are trying to support it too - they have encouraged schools to contribute projects based on digital nz content and are also supporting LMS developments to take advantage of it. e.g. Have heard of a Moodle plug-in for searching/embedding digital nz content that is in testing phase at the moment.
Your point about a local media archive is well made but my sense of the way KAREN is operating is that it is very inwards focussed rather than looking at offering externally accessible services. So I wouldn't hold up much hope for that avenue.