Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adding an image to media wikis

Media wikis make life hard sometimes. When all the other publishing sites work wonders to lower the bar, Media wiki keeps it right up there for us. This screen recording will demonstrate how I load images into a wiki page, using Wikieducator as an example. I also take into consideration copyrights, making sure to use an image with Creative Commons Attribution license, and to give it proper attribution. Its a complex task actually, but gets very easy with practice.


James Neill said...

Its easier on commons. Is WE hooked up to use commons yet?

Leigh Blackall said...

I don't think it is yest James.. all the more reason for me to follow you into Wikiversity I think. I've always wanted to be working in Wikiversity, just had a few issues in the beginning to sort out, which WE was very helpful with, but now they are out of the way, it makes sense to consolidate on the larger Foundation projects.