Sunday, April 05, 2009

About to start

Very soon, I am going to stop blogging at learnonline and start blogging here. My intention is to keep predominantly writing about education issues, but to include other things as my professional interests develop or change. The Wordpress blog will sit there as a reminder of my last 3 years of work, and Sunshine and I intend to make a printed book from it just for keepsake.

As for other interests, right now I am mentally preparing to start "painting" again. Sunshine has been urging me to get back into art, and I appreciate that encouragement a lot. So I'm stewing on a few ideas, and thinking about subjects and mediums. It could be that this blog starts to cover those considerations as well..

But never fear edu heads, there is still plenty to write about and point to in the education debates. Its not like things are going to change suddenly, if at all.

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simonfj said...

Hi Leigh,

Just keep a link to your wordpress stuff as "archive". Wouldn't want to lose some of the stuff you've done over at your old broadcast channel.

I came looking for you after reading this one.

Whoa! Seems like you've got bigger problems than Oz.

Please keep me across what you, Wayne and the WE are across, when it comes to Wayne's OE content initiative. And do us a favour wil ya. Say hello to Frank at KAREN.
The content guys might have the petrol, but the NREN's own the engine.