Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4 x 10 minute audio recordings about the production of educational resources

Todays panel was really interesting. Here are the 4 recordings.

I very much enjoyed listening to the others in the panel.

  1. Its great to see Ruth Lawson being so confident in her description of using Wikibooks to produce a text for Anatomy of Animals. (MP3 2.8 Meg)
  2. I went next with the usual talk about open educational resources. (MP3 2.8 Meg)
  3. It was very exciting to see what Jean Ross has developed for the ministry of Health by way of gathering masters level work to produce a text for rural nursing in New Zealand, especially when Jean showed interest in taking it to the next level and developing a wikibook version with new additions (not in recording). (Mp3 2.8 Meg)
  4. Most of all I found Russell Butson's talk riveting! Russell covered off an important range of issues and I hope to score his slides soon too. He spoke about the tension between educational rhetoric and practice regarding "learner centredness", "self directed and llife long learning skills" and the age old didactic and preseciptive teaching practices. He articulates it much better than I can here, so I highly recomend listening to his talk. (MP3 3.6 Meg)

I wish Russell kept a blog or other web presence, but allas he does not. He is a behind the scenes guy - who helped organise the Future of Learning in a Netowrked World NZ tour btw.

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