Monday, August 13, 2007

How I do a screencast

From video to print:


  1. To create a video recording of a computer screen and application
  2. To compress the video and upload it to popular video publishing services
  3. To transcribe the audio in the video to text on a wiki
  4. To create a series of still images from that video and combine them with text to create a print version

How to

A video that overviews this particular method of screencast can be found at the following links:

And still images for these steps are yet to be added to the Wiki page but are here for now:

  1. Download Camstudio (Free and open source for Windows)
  2. Download ScreenHunter free (freeware)
  3. Download Videora iPod converter (freeware)
  4. Download iPod Video Converter (shareware)
  5. Search "camstudio" on youtube and find and watch a demo on using Camstudio
  6. Search "screenhunter" on youtube or Screencasting blog and find and watch demo on using ScreenHunter.
  7. Search "videora" on youtube and find and watch a demo on how to use Videora iPod converter
  8. Create a screen recording using Camstudio
  9. Create a series of still images from the video using ScreenHunter
  10. Compress the video using Videora iPod converter
  11. Create an account with Youtube, and Google video
  12. Upload the compressed video using HeySpreadit! Update. Heyspread now charges a fee. Use
  13. Upload the still images to Wikieducator and position the images in a new wikipage named according to your screenrecording
  14. Transcribe the audio in the video to text on the wikipage and include a link to the video on Youtube.


umesh arya said...

pls tell me how did u post this video to the blog. i have made screen cast but don't know in which format to load. avi is too heavy. flash has two files. pls help
umesh arya
gj university

Leigh said...

Hi Umesh.

I use our youtube to upload these movies. Both services give you a very easy option to embed the movie in your blog.

Liz said...

hi - was wondering if you know of any sites that do video sharing for a closed user group (e.g., for corporate business training). Thanks. Liz (from UK)