Friday, December 01, 2006

Wikiversity - Creating a course page

Creating a course page in wikiversity

1. Starting with your preferred basis for learning outcomes - such as National Learning Outcomes and Units of Competency - I like to use these standards as a starting point for creatinga Wikiversity page. I am starting with Peter Shanks progam which draws data from the Australian National Training Information Service, data out of their PDFs and RTF documents and representing it in more useful HTML and even

2. After locating the Unit Standard description, or the learning outcomes... I now go to Wikiversity to copy them across.

3. I did a search for the topic in Wikiversity and no entry close enough turned up. So I click the link asking if I would like to create this page.

4. Pasting what I have copied, one title at a time. Being sure to place single equals around main titles (=main title=) and double equals around subtitles (==subtitle==) and so on.

5. This has created now a contents table that links to the titles and subtitles in the page. Once the structure is in place - based on the Unit standard or agreed learning outcomes, its now a matter of entering content - which could be done with students during study times, or before the class or course starts.

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