Monday, December 04, 2006

Cormac Lawler - Wikiversity

I had a very interesting phone conversation with Cormac Lawler today. Cormac is an experienced user, researcher and collaborative coordinator of wikiversity. In it we talked about the history of wikiversity, the possible structure and uses for it, some issues and considerations, and future developments.

Audio is in ogg, goes for 1hour and is 7.9megs.
VLC media player plays ogg files.
Conversation was had and recorded using Gizmo Project.

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Chris Harvey said...

You've been able to embed video/audio and display rss feeds and extend mediawiki software well before wikispaces had those features.

You can see examples on my Mediawiki.
Audio Player
Videos both Ogg theora and flash.
Theres rss all over the place like this Dynamic Leigh page.

If people want to use non-free works they should set up their own wiki. It will be a step backwards if Wikiversity includes non-free works.

cormaggio said...

Thanks Chris,

Maybe next time we could have a conference call, so we could have people throw in suggestions and experience from a wider pool than two people..

Somehow I can't play those videos from within your wiki (which you've changed quite a lot!) - I have VLC of course, but it doesn't get past the cortado applet (or whatever cortado actually is). Just wondering..

Cormac (blogging this too over on mine

brent said...
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brent said...

Chris: What I'd really like to see in MediaWiki environment was something more along the lines of the XSPF player but that played oggs. I'm not that clued up on how these work, like whether they're just accessing a local mp3 library for playback, or whether such a library is included in the player. The java solution is just too... well, java ... and downloading and installing java applets is a pain.

Nice interview Leigh. I'm still not too sure about what the real problem is with having Wikipedia content embedded inside a frame, but had never really considered the editing aspect of it. Have yet to hear a concrete argument for including this behaviour. In eXe we include the ability to import (scrape) Mediawiki content and edit it, contextualise it, etc., inside the eXe environment; doing so adds a GPL statement to that piece of content. If you are looking for a quick way to get content from Wikiversity into Blackboard w/out this popout action happening you could make a single page export from eXe using the Wiki iDevice and import into Blackboard, but you would lose some of the dynamism of evolving content that you gain from pointing straight to wiki content.