Thursday, November 02, 2006

North Sydney Institute - Web2Debate, Guidelines for using Blogs and Wikis

An interesting project unfolding at North Sydney Institute. A draft set of guidelines for the use of blogs in wikis in formal educational settings. Acknowledges things llike duty of care to minors, and public and private communications etc... (I was surprised to see my blog linked in there - so this is not a self promo).

I know they're not the only ones developing up such things - though they are using wikispaces - its a sure sign that we're in 2nd wave though. This is the 2nd wave adoption stage where the hi hopes, ideals and dreams of the 1st wave get compromised.

A skim read of their guidelines looks hopeful. Something in me recoils from the idea of setting guidelines though - which inevitably inform policy - but at least this one works to balance the facistically inforced IT policies of the Department over arching them. Good luck to them.

Thanks Peter Enderby for the pointer.

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