Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Presentation - digital network literacy

Well, I'm going to attempt to talk through my paper on digital network literacy for the Knowledge Bank in Australia this Thursday arvo 1pm Melbourne time.

I realise as I write this that apart from the group talk with Knowledge Tree (when the paper was first published) that I haven't actually presented this to anyone.

I am finding it quite difficult to pin down, mainly because I always spread my arguments (too) wide and thin. As you'll see by the slides, it starts out solid enough, but soon jumps around making it hard to follow.

I think this jumping around must almost be expected of me by now. I do somehow manage to stitch it all together in the end, but you wouldn't know by just looking at it - I won't know until I've talked it through!

Anyway, you can join the fun on Thursday by going to Knowledge Bank's website. Registering :( and clicking the program in the top left. I'm going to get through these slides in 30 minutes (or under) and then hope for a rather informative discussion for the last half.

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Jo Murray said...

Leigh, It's fantastic that you're revisiting this content in a different format and how wonderful to see you presenting at the Global Summit alongside other international thinkers.

Good on you :o)

I'd love to hear the Notschool.net presentation as a 'students at risk' supporter - using online tools - from way back..Will you be podding/blogging your presentation and others you attend?