Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Global Summit - Teaching is dead tweaked a little

So! here we are, at the very fancy Shangri-La Hotel under the coat hanger in Sydney, for's Global Summit. Sunshine went to dinner and sat next to George Siemens and Charles Jennings. We had a long awaited discussion about ye old LMS, and I got to flex my work in progress, out from under the umbrellas/what would it be like to be the rain.

I must say I'm quite intimidated by this Summit. The list of people coming is mostly big wigs and policy makers, in a 5 star setting, with high caliber speakers. What am I doing here!

I put teaching is dead up quite some time ago - hoping for more suggestions and feedback. Its been so long that it feels like old hat by the time I get up, and I've been so distracted by other events in the lead up to this that I haven't had much time to think about it more fully. But, to hell with it! I'll just have to get up and blurt it out in the usual scorched earth, Leigh Blackall fashion.

Here's the teaching is dead slides into a video on, and YouTube, slides on flickr and bubbleshare.

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Michael said...

Welcome back Leigh... I'm sure you'll get people talking :-)