Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Audio recordings from Global Summit

I'm quite relieved to have finished my talk. Seemed to go well, great that are audio recording and publishing as we go too. Unfortunately the main access to the files is through EdNA groups - which requires a user name and password :( but a little birdy showed me where the media is being stored wide open. Here's a feed coming out of the bloggers of the conference.

Here's some recordings I can see in the open media list so far:
My talk
Doug Brown
George Siemens
Robert Cailliau
Robert Cappie Wood

So that's day one over. I've meet some pretty cool and inspiring people.
I switched on fella from education au by the name of Mike Seyfang
. And another edu blogging teacher from South Australia who I've forgotten the name and link but will track down and put here later. And Greg Whitby of the 24hr open school fame - as discussed in TALO recently. Here's a link to a video I recorded of Greg talking about his work with Catholic Schools in NSW.

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Graham Wegner said...

Maybe the Adelaidean teacher you are referring is Al Upton, a great guy who I've had the privilege of co-presenting with on a couple of occasions. Just listening to your talk from today right now and viewing the images from flickr. I really have to think about how your thoughts and concepts relate to the primary education sector - because I think there is plenty that applies. I must do some deep thinking and pondering and put a few musings out. Thanks for a great thought provoking presentation, Leigh.

Kerry Johnson said...

Hi Leigh

We want to spread the word far and wide about the feeds - not just make them available through the group. Thank you for publicising them - it was great meeting you and Sunshine last night.


Kerry Johnson

mike seyfang said...

Thanks for the shout out Leigh - to me, you have been the star of the show. The most interesting conversations from the cruise last night were sparked from your gutsy effort.


Fang - Mike Seyfang

Teemu said...

Nothing from Seymour Papert? Autograph? :-)