Sunday, October 29, 2006

Artichoke introduces Living End and Ricardo Semler

Another inspiring post from Artichoke, giving me yet another great reason to go to Brazil next year - to meet Ricardo Semler. A man enacting a concept that is only just now unfolding for me. Democratic schools and industry. Semler has founded a democratic school called Escola Lumiar in Sao Paulo.

Lumiar International School is testing the new concepts building a space of socially mixed classes, freedom and democracy as the grounds for the formation of the balanced citizen, the individual able to learn how to learn, to take responsibility for his/her own choices and to determine the course and scope of his/her education. As equal members of a democratic community, the students are actively involved in the events of daily life.

I think I could find more ideas for the Stepping out from under the umbrellas idea for training sector reform.

And this video depicts a new school in the US.

Thanks Sean FitzGerald for finding it in our long lost email exchanges...

and this from the Australian Catholic System:
Talks about 24hr school
related video

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Artichoke said...

Hi Leigh - think Semler sounds perfect for your "school is dead" thinking and that "Stepping out from under the umbrella post".

cj has just posted on this and has better links to what is going on in the Escola Luminar" which you should check out