Saturday, August 05, 2006

Keeping kids online safe

Seb Chan points to a nice and easy 10 principles for the digital family by Liz Losh.

My fav:

10) Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

No matter how you became a parent, you chose to have children because you love them. Older teens may be embarrassed by such signs of affection, but showing your kids that you love them benefits them for a lifetime. Digital media allow for opportunities to remind your kids that you think about them every day. The occasional e-mail with a funny link or Photoshopped image, goopy instant message, out-of-the-blue care package from an online vendor, or custom designed t-shirt can create moments of celebration to supplement more traditional expressions of interest like hugs and chats with the denizens of the backseat. It shouldn't take the place of kicking around the soccer ball or making homemade chocolate chip cookies, but contemporary life can create certain kinds of distance that technology can bridge.

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