Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I hate PodOmatic

Sorry to everyone in my inbox who just received an email announcing a new podOmatic podcast site called leighblackall. I was setting up an account so I could access and listen to a recording that a colleague had sent me. I was annoyed that I had to set up an account just to listen to the recording and wasn't concentrating. One of the final screens had everyone in my inbox loaded below the visible screen area ready to send email to when I finished the account set up!! I realised this halfway through the next page loading and clicked stop. I doubled back and had a look at that page with emails listed and saw WAY down the bottom a button called "deselect all emails". Jeez, what a annoying thing that is, what a sneaky 2 bit service PodOmatic is for having this as a default. Now I'm dealing with hundreds, and I mean hundreds of bounced emails and people asking what's it all about.


Graham Wegner said...

Darn, I'd set aside some time tonight to download and listen to your latest podcast. Even in Web 2.0, we've gotta read the fine print.

alexanderhayes said...

Agreed with Graham.

I was looking forward to what appeared to be an interesting listen and then I received five versions of the same invite.

Suffice to say....dont can Podomatic....yet.

Ensured they and indeed you will sort it and I'll be keen to have Leigh B on the ipodomatic air waves.

Perhaps the first topic will be more than 'e' in e-learning.

It's an e-learning curve in itself...for sure. Chin up. Apologies accepted.

I'm embroiled in worse.

stevenparker said...

A learning experience alright, sure to put many potential users of their product you me and all the other potential users that I be recommending to stay away from podomatic...

Jane Nicholls said...

Podomatic has been a great resource for my classroom!!!! As with many free web 2.0 resources there are quirks to navigate but the ease of using Podomatic to get my students to publish their thoughts and learning on line and to engage in discussion with people all around the world make it all worthwhile - I Love Podomatic!!!