Monday, August 21, 2006

Blip.TV rocks!!

I dunno why it has taken me so long to realise. GNUChris pointed me to it a while back, they must have added a bunch of features since - or was I just a fool rushing through and didn't see the greatness of the free online video service!! Check my account out. Subscribe - I'm officially a Blip man now.

  • Not only is it fast to upload!! Boy its fast!
  • But it gives you back an mov to save back down to your computer
  • It cross posts your video to your Internet Archive account!
  • It cross posts the video link to your account based on the tags you use for the video
  • It cross posts a frame image thumbnail across to your flickr account through your flickr account's email address!

There's more - I just couldn't wait to do the shout out for them!

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Tama said...

Leigh, I couldn't agree more!

Nick Ritar said...

Ripper.... We have just settled on Blip for documenting our move to the mountains - Milkwood.

Gret to have a positive second opinion.

Nick RItar said...

Have you noticed the blogger comments captcha does not show up in Firefox... had to post this in IE.... ecch

Leigh Blackall said...

What do you mean Nick? I use FF and I'm commenting... what is a 'captcha'?

alexanderhayes said...

Ecc indeed.

Cool link Leigh. Have you added it to the TALO teaching tools page. As I go across from Manly to Circular Quay on the ferry, I'm looking out over a beautiful sunset thinking of how many folk this way will be switching over to Blip.

Stephan said...

Hi Leigh,
I agree is great. I have subscribed to your vblog with itunes and have been watching yor posts using a 5g ipod video.
They work really well and despite the size of the screen 320x240.
Great work, got me thinking about using vblogs for instructional material.