Monday, July 31, 2006

Teaching is dead - yikes! did I say that?

Derek Wenmoth has posted a round of interesting stuff to his blog recently, one of which is right up my alley at the moment:
In a globalised world, mediocre teaching is doomed

By 2036, the forms of teacher preparation that currently prevail in Western nations will have sunk into oblivion. We will have discarded schools of education, the pedagogies they teach, and the certification apparatus that they serve. Such schools, pedagogies, and certifications have clung to life stubbornly for the better part of a century despite ample evidence of their unsuitability. Why predict that in the next 30 years they will finally follow the giant ground sloth into the La Brea tar pit of history?
air on the back of your neck stand on end :)

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W Brown said...

I just finished reading "Whats Worth Fighting For in Your School?" by Hargreaves and Fullan, My Small Learning COmmunity is having disscussion around this book now.. please feel free to join the conversation. Real reform can only occur from teachers.

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