Sunday, July 23, 2006

Richard Stallman Video

Chris Harvey left a comment link to this impressive video of Richard Stallman talking about freedom and software.

Quite an inspirational video, with a setting that kinda reminded me of a 1960's avant guard film - like Wavelength by Michael Snow (my personal favourite). Its hard to tell but the curious composition of this Stallman film makes it look as though he is in prison, secretly sending out this message from behind his bunk. Come to think of it - this must have been deliberate.

Amazing film. Thanks Chris.

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Sean FitzGerald said...

I checked it out on Chris' recommendation also, and yeah, it's pretty inspirational. You have to admire this guy's committment to his political beliefs and values.

According to the GNU website, Richard had a broken arm at the time - this is why he was unable to attend the conference in person. His arm looks like it's in a sling, and I'm thinking he was resting it on a pillow for comfort, which would explain the weird composition.

What I'm wondering is whether this actually got played at the conference, considering he razzes the organisers so much!

Leigh Blackall said...

Darn! Just when I though the guy was into 1960 AG films :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to watch the video.
I know you have a background in film and TV so I can understand your opinion but Dr Stallman lives a very public life so I doubt he's trying to appear to be delivering his speech from a secret location, he travels around the world giving speeches and usually stays at a local free software activists house when he can so I would say the background is just someones house and it was practical to rest his arm on the bunk and place the camera where it is and there's nothing more to it than that.

I hope you were paying attention when he was talking about education.

So lets look at one of his speeches that has an audience.
What is Free Software

p.s I don't know what you mean by "the guy" but try to have more respect. You might be surprised by how many people share his values and political beliefs.

Leigh Blackall said...

LOL :) I didn't mean anything, least of all disrespect. Thanks for the next link. I'll load him up at work.