Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jo Kay's real and second life

Jo Kay has posted some very interesting reflections of her day's learning through web conferencing as well as a virtual world.

It has been really interesting watching Jo's photo journal of her SecondLife, and her latest post gets me thinking. Do we perhaps now have 3 new learning styles subbing under digital networked learning?

There are the web conferencers who seem to preference powerpoint looking lectures with synchronous instant messaging and voice.

There are the virtual worlders who like the dimensions, fantastic space, colour and character... again with synchronous comms.

And there are the networkers who exist through blogs and webfeeds,, communicating asynchronously.

Of course you can be all of these, as Jo certainly is. But Jo's asking which do you prefer?

Well I certainly don't like web conferencing. I have tried virtual worlding, but not at the level Jo is delving into it. And I really dig the idea of using your print-screen key like a camera in these worlds. But I guess over all I prefer the recorded, published, distributed and asynchronous communications. But that's not to say I wouldn't get right into virtual worlding... watching Jo go there is inspiring to say the least.

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Jo Kay said...

Thanks Leigh! ;-)

Until recently, I would have agreed with you - distributed and asynchronous was my preference too. But the richness of the space and the community in SL is seriously challenging that for me.

It's been exciting to watch the educational community experimenting with the SL space - lots to inspire, and plenty to learn!

In the next few weeks, I want to look at how I can bring some of the characteristics of web conferencing into SL - using virtual presentation slides, video clips, synchronous voice tools and virtual notecards. I'm also in the process of planning my first SL machinima piece with some of my SL neighbours.

Looking forward to seeing you 'in-world', Leigh!! ;-)

Leigh Blackall said...

What times are you in there Jo? And what do you use for voice? Teamspeak? I reckon as soon as you have worked out how to do web conferencing through SL, you should organise a meeting in SL and show us around. Just like what Sean did when he showed us through Active World's EduUniverse.

Jo Kay said...

I'm in there most nights ;-) The learning curve is so much fun!

In terms of voice, TeamSpeak seems to be the preferred option within the
community.... I haven't seen any other tools working effectively.

In terms of space, I actually picked up some very cheap land late last
week, and was considering turning it into Group land for TALOers to
experiment with. Do you think people would use it?

And yes - my plan was to get a tour happening for Talo very shortly...
I'll post to the group about that in the next few days...perhaps late
next week?

alexanderhayes said...

I came across some funky ware that Robin Eckermann was developng with Wollongong University last year that incorporated visual and audio information posts within a virtual learning environment.

I also recall Nathan Burling going full hog with Botts on the TALO HALO idea but thats yet to come to fruition..... the idea is to cool to arsenal of weapons and nary a shot fired in anger.

I'd love to ditch Elluminate and stick my hands up in the air and clap in a Third Life cause it's probably going to take that long for the education sector to drop its behaviourist mentality and adopt cool things like Jo is exploring. I'm not averse to virtual worlds only that this real one is as confusing as I can make it at the moment......the bloggerdom has got me by the snargglies for the moment.

Till Jo takes me on a rendered tour of her new house i'm rstricted to tagging and ranting. I look forward to virtual worlds that dont require credit cards.....

Jo Kay said...

A fair point, Alex - one I have thought about alot. However, despite the credit card issues, I have decided to pursue Second Life, because it seems to be one the spaces with the most active community - both educational and other focuses.

There are a number of other Virtual Worlds that provide varying levels of access, and I do plan to do some exploring and comparing of those in the coming months.

At any rate, if we did get serious about using Second Life for ed purposes with students, there are various options - including the Teen Grid for younger students and the possibility of buying an island thru the Second Life Education program - see the SL site for more details (whilst I dream of owning a virtual Island!! ;P)

Never fear tho - I am working on some machinima ideas with a fabulous virtual neighbour, and will have some SL movies to show you before long!