Friday, May 19, 2006

There's truth in anti academia

Painting by the great Mark Tansey - Innocent Eye Test.

Was scrolling through the EdNA feed this morning when the headline Teacher Training Resource Bank caught my eye. But then I read the subtext lifted from the TTRB home page and I reach for my revolver...
provides access to the research & evidence base underpinning teacher education, and a range of other relevant materials. All materials are quality assured through a rigorous process of academic scrutiny and monitoring undertaken by a team of expert teacher educators from the United Kingdom.
My anti academia kicks in and I click the link to pull this shite to pieces..

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A picture like this in the banner:

Ah! I know, here goes Leigh - poo pooing other's work again, but I just can't help it. Stuff like this - setting itself up to be something better, somehow worth more, dismissing the success of democratic authoring, maintaining the church... I just can't stand it. I have to face lackademics who think like this every day and I just say, "cock the hammer.."

Sorry, I will try to be more useful in the future. I'm aware that my rants are over riding my raves in this blog lately. I need to focus on the things I love, will try more and unsubscribe from feeds that keep bringing this into my field of reference.. perhaps I'm wrong about the TTRB, maybe there is good stuff in there, and maybe it is reaching the dark net.. who knows?

Anyway, if you want more useful stuff from me, check out my work blog, check out my screen recordings, check out my latest wikipedia contributions...

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Tony Forster said...

No keep ranting. Its great. Whats the half life of human knowledge these days? 18 months? How can stodgy academia keep up? Google now indexes 20,000,000 web pages and growing. This knowledge is available to anybody. Wikipedia proves that 10,000 gifted amateurs beat one fully qualified academic. How long does it take to publish a refereed paper in a respected academic journal? Will it still be relevant when published?

Graham Wegner said...

It's just a bunch of links!! Some of these reports can be found elsewhere on the net without as many hoops to jump through to get through them. It is amazing that so much money gets poured in to put all this stuff together - it needs a Google Analytics graph to see how many people bother to return. Could this website beat my current 18.9% return visitor rate at my blog? I'd back my blog in!